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Electric Gear Puzzle Building Blocks Toy - Educational Toy Set for Kids

Electric Gear Puzzle Building Blocks Toy - Educational Toy Set for Kids

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Get ready to put your kid's brain in a twist with our Electric Gear Puzzle Building Blocks Toy! You'll need all your brainpower to figure out how to connect the gears and blocks in the most mind-boggling configurations. It's like a psychedelic disco party right in your hands! You'll be tinkering, twisting, and turning like a mad inventor, creating your very own mechanical marvels. Who knows, you might just invent the next world-changing gadget!

Enhance your child's intellectual development and unleash their creativity with our Electric Gear Puzzle Building Blocks Toy. This engaging toy set combines the excitement of building with the power of electricity to create a truly immersive playtime experience.


Intellectual Development: Stimulates critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Creativity: Encourages imaginative play and the construction of unique designs.

3D Thinking: Enhances spatial awareness and cognitive abilities.

Color Cognition: Introduces children to a wide range of colors and shapes.

Hands-on Ability: Improves fine motor skills and dexterity.

Observation: Promotes scientific inquiry and understanding of cause and effect.


EXERCISE THINKING SKILLS - Featuring a unique combination of gears and blocks, these toys encourage 3D thinking. They will develop essential skills such as color cognition, as they explore various shapes and sizes.

HAND-EYE COORDINATION - Fostering problem-solving skills and fine motor skills, providing children with the opportunity to assemble and disassemble the gears and blocks to their heart's content.

CULTIVATE INTEREST IN EXPLORATION - Their keen observation nurtures their scientific curiosity and deepens their understanding of cause-and-effect relationships.

PARENT-CHILD INTIMATE GIFTS - Let your child embark on an educational journey filled with exploration, discovery, and endless fun. It's the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion that calls for a hands-on learning experience.


Number of Blocks: 126, 252, 378

Material: ABS

Net Weight: 1 KG

Charging Mode: USB

Suitable Age: 7-14 Years


1 Set * Electric Gear Puzzle Building Blocks Toy


Color may not appear as exactly as in real life due to variations between the computer monitors.

It is recommended that younger children be accompanied by an adult when playing with toys to prevent injury or accidental ingestion.

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Electric Gear Puzzle Building Blocks Toy - Educational Toy Set for Kids