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Cordless Cold Press Juicer Machine

Cordless Cold Press Juicer Machine

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Cold-Pressed Juice, Extracting the Pure Essence of Fresh Fruits in just 20S!!

This juicer ensures maximum juice extraction, delivering every drop of flavor and nutrient from fresh fruits and vegetables. With powerful motor, but it operates quietly. Besides, the cordless and portable design offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility.

Top Quality

Easy Operation


MAXIMUM JUICE YIELD - The juicer extracts every last drop of juice possible from fruits and vegetables for a higher yield. It delivers a fresher taste that lasts up to 72 hours, and the simple on/off button is easy to use.

PURE & FRESH - It minimizes oxidation for fresher, nutrient-rich juice. With a residue-free juicing process, it offers  pure and smooth juices without any unwanted bits or pulp, enhancing both the taste and texture.

EFFICIENT & SAFE - The material we selected is 100% BPA Free. It has a quiet motor and free with no blades or sharp parts and easily assembled for a more seamless juicing experience.

WIRELESS CONVENIENCE - It is USB rechargeable, giving you the flexibility to juice anywhere without being restricted by cords or limited mobility.


Rated voltage: 7.4V

Rated power: 45W

Maximum juice output: 150ml

Net weight: 980g

Size: 144*135*166mm


1 * Cordless Juicer Machine


Prior to first use, it is recommended to fully charge the battery according to the provided instructions.

Follow the juicing guidelines and avoid overloading the juicer to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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Cordless Cold Press Juicer Machine